Foods You can Eat During Cheat Days

Foods You can Eat During ‘Cheat Days’

When we go on diets, some of us use things called cheat days. Cheat days have two purposes; one is to boost your mind-set. It can become quite a hassle to follow a diet every single day. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a day where you eat what you want, but just not in excess! So long as you don’t overeat, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Another reason can be to trick your body into thinking it is getting enough calories, thereby reigniting the fat burning metabolism. Whichever of the reasons it is for; here are some foods that you can safely cheat with!

Low Carb Pizza

Yes! Believe it or not, you can even eat a pizza on your cheat day! Don’t go for any ordinary, mediocre pizza though! Go for the low carb pizzas that have healthier bases and less meat and cheese on the topping compared to most. You may think that this won’t taste good, but I guarantee that it will be absolutely delicious if you give it a chance!

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is also a good cheat food to have. Dark chocolate tastes a bit bitter compared to milk chocolate, but hey, it’s still chocolate right? Think you can get away with 30% dark chocolate? Nice try! It should be at least 70-80% dark chocolate if you really don’t want it to have any effect on your diet!


Cheese, surprisingly is quite good for you in small amounts. There are many different types of cheese and most people like at least one if not most of them! So if you really want to eat something sweet on your cheat day, get some cheese! Try to avoid combining the cheese with crackers or bread as these things contain more carbs and may affect your diet.

Salami or Bacon

While bacon and salami may already be on your ‘okay list’ of foods, these are wonderfully delicious ‘cheat day’ foods as well! A nice piece of crispy bacon, or some baked salami always tastes good and lasts a long time in your mouth! Be warned, however! Do not attempt to cheat too much by frying with large portions of oil! If you add too much oil to your bacon it will reduce its protein value and increase carbs.

Chopped Bell Peppers with an Avocado Dip

Bell Peppers are lovely cooked or raw! On their own, they already taste great; but with a low carb avocado dip, the combination is amazing! It’s as though you’re having chips and dip, but without the carbs! If you really want to cheat on your diet, which is a perfectly okay thing to do, these sorts of foods are the ones you should be looking for! Because no matter how much of these things you eat, as long as you don’t overeat, your metabolism will be re-fired along with your mind set. But the best part is, you won’t even gain any weight from it! Your diet will go on uninterrupted!