How To Look Amazing At 50

How To Look Amazing At 50

Looking good past a certain age can seem impossible. Many women treat themselves to treatments at places like Spire Aesthetics which is a great way to combat those signs of ageing, but there are also many things women can do alongside this to ensure that they stay looking younger for longer. Looking amazing at 50 is something all women hope to achieve, and luckily in today’s day and age it really is attainable.

Wear Subtle Make Up

It can seem counter-productive to wear less make up when you are trying to look good, but layering on thick make up will actually accentuate any wrinkle or small skin imperfections. Recognising that you are no longer young enough to wear outrageous eyeshadow and winged eye-liner is the first step to becoming a classy 50 year old woman. Shop around for a good make up brand and make sure that you get everything colour matched before you buy. If you go to a make up counter with the intention of making a purchase the shop assistants will happily help you find the right colour for you and will even provide you with samples to try at home in most cases.

Think About Permanent Make Up

There are permanent things like eyelashes and eyebrow tattooing that you can have to save the time of putting on eyebrow pencil or mascara each morning. The great thing about permanent make up is that when you are going for the more subtle make up look you can usually get away without putting any other make up on, so you are pretty much ready to go each morning. You can also have permanent make up like eyeliner and lipliner, although you will need to discuss with your beautician how you can ensure these permanent treatments stay subtle and look good with your other make up.

Think About Anti-Ageing Treatment

Companies like Spire Aesthetics offer a number of different treatments to combat the ageing process. Anti-Ageing treatments like botox can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to the ageing process. Most people think botox is just for under eye wrinkles but there are now a number of different places you can have botox to minimise the effects of ageing. The jawline is a great example of somewhere that women can have botox that will drastically improve the signs of ageing but is not as widely publicised as much as having botox on frown lines or crows feet. If the thought of a needle is slightly too invasive for you – there are now many different treatments that are non-invasive. Fat freezing is a relatively new treatment that is not only available for stubborn areas of fat, but the technology is also being utilised to perform facials. This procedure will tighten up all of those problem areas without the need to be injected with botox or another form of dermal filler.