Health and Feng Shui




He was born in China ago, some say 5,000 years, others say that 7,000 and although it was only used by emperors, it ended up spreading throughout the world, being now a highly demanded technique both in Europe and in the United States. Warwickshire Aspire laser teeth



Whether because the Oriental has become fashionable or because the pace of life encourages us to seek some peace anywhere, Feng Shui enters more and more houses and not to be pure decoration, but to influence health and the welfare of its tenants.


What ‘cure’ Feng Shui?

The repercussions of Feng Shui reach any area of a person’s life. As explained by Marián Durán, director of the Feng Shui studio that bears her name, Feng Shui “has repercussions on any aspect of our existence: health, economy, relationships …, absolutely everything”.


A bad Feng Shui can be the cause of several diseases appear in the inhabitants of a space. For example, an imbalance of metal can cause respiratory problems, that of wood affects the liver and the gall bladder and the imbalance of water is related to insomnia and bladder and liver problems. On the other hand, the imbalance in fire causes digestive problems and that of earth is related to arthritis and joint problems.




Duran says that “when you apply Feng Shui, there are many diseases that are cured . Any disorder can be multifactorial. If one of the most important factors is bad Feng Shui, this ailment, when you solve the Feng Shui of your home, is cured. ”



How to apply Feng Shui in a space?

Feng Shui not only applies to housing but is valid for any enclosed space with an exact orientation, such as the office, discarding vehicles, for not having a fixed orientation.


For this, we need a specialist in this technique. As argued by Marián Durán, “an expert in Feng Shui knows what energies are in a certain place -house, office, industry-, knows what energy is there and how to use it for the benefit of the people who live or work in those spaces” .




But in addition to this, you can follow some tips to avoid health problems motivated by bad Feng Shui and to have a much more balanced life. For example, it is good to ventilate the house daily, open the windows to ionize when it rains, let in the sun and control the excess of humidity and temperature. Also, it is recommended to keep electronic devices, have healthy and healthy plants and keep the kitchen clean so that there is an energy balance where we prepare food.