How white teeth can help you get a job

In event of you going to a job interview, chances are higher you would be stressed. You would be trying to sell an employer the fact about you being the right candidate for the job. You would be required to convince them about there being no better choice than you to handle the job from the lot of candidates having similar experience and qualifications. You may have assured your chances of attending the interview with qualification and experience, updated resume, great references and dressed for success. However, do you think that would be enough for making that first impression?
Have you given a thought about your smile? Closing the interview with direct eye contact, a robust handshake and winning smile could definitely make the difference between ‘you could start from tomorrow’ or ‘we will call you back’.
What kind of impression would you smile make on the employer?
Do you think it to be people’s imagination? You should not, as the effect would be large enough to connect dental hygiene with employment. Several studies have revealed that your teeth would make a huge impact on the way people look forward to perceiving you. It would not be wrong to suggest that participants having discolored teeth have been given poor ratings for social competency. It would be inclusive of popularity, trustworthy appearance, friendly personality, relationship status, intellectual ability and psychological adjustment. It would also consider the aspect of their nature, as whether the candidate is self-confident, happy or introvert. Whiter teeth have been known to receive positive appraisals. It would not be wrong to suggest that color of your teeth would largely influence the social perception of other people.
White teeth could pave the way to success
Interviewers have been known to perceive people having whiter teeth with more chances to have a job than people having crooked teeth. It would not matter if they have similar set of skills or experience. The people with whiter teeth would be likely to have more chances of being successful along with more chances of being wealthy. There has been strong correlation between lack of success and crooked teeth. It implies that when you smile, an employer would judge how well you would do in the role based on the teeth. They may not be consciously, but make it relatively apparent that several people would subconsciously link a good set of teeth to overall success of employees.
Yet another issue related to having poor dental hygiene would be people looking forward to hiding them. You may have come across several people who do not tend to smile, because of the embarrassment of having poor teeth. Employers have been known to misinterpret the behavior and assume the candidate not being a friendly person. It would damage your chances of employability.
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