How to Live Longer Reducing Alcohol

Alcohol has become a trend of today’s society. Mostly, people in our society have fallen for the alcohol and many of them have become addicted to the alcohol. Addiction to alcohol has lead to the high death rate at early age and degraded unhealthy life style. Most people they start drinking for fun in their college time or some find out it to be a way to have a good time in a function and occasion with starts and meal and on the other hand there are some who will not at all enjoy it. Alcohol gives you the feeling of tipsy or feeling out of control. Some of the reasons why people start drinking are mention below-
• They drink it for its effect as it have effect on our central nervous system and act as stimulant and depressant which result in pleasurable release from stress.
• Some youngster drinks it to try for new adventure and fun.
• People get influenced by their surrounding and family members. Children’s may get bad influenced from their parents seeing them drinking.
• Alcohol is easy to get even for college students; primary source for kids is alcohol that is kept in the house and easily access by them.
• Alcohol is found out to be the way to relive the stress by the new drinkers. The truth is as long as it is in system it will only distract your mind from problem not solve it. Anti aging treatment
But to stay healthy and live a longer life alcohol addiction should be stop. It will not only give happiness to you but your family members too. Some tips with which one can stop drinking are given. These tips are useful only if you understand as well as apply them in your life strictly.
• Try to be true to yourself make your will power and brain strong enough to stop it.
• Ask help from friends and family share with them and make it clear that you want to stop drinking and help you stop the addiction. Keep in mind why you want to stop it and make your goal crystal clear in your mind.
• Try to avoid going to the places or situation where alcohol consumption is there like in a party or bar or clubbing. Go to restaurant where alcohol is not served and change thee friend circle to non- alcoholic group for some time.
• If you are unable to stop the drinking then at least try to reduce it with time and stop it. Decrease the amount of alcohol you were consuming regularly and decrease it with the passage of time .you will also not suffer from the withdrawal symptoms.
• Join a group or go to the programs where people are trying to give up on alcohol this will give you also inspiration to you and support them too. Share your experience with them listen to there too.
• Rewarding yourself also a good choice set checkpoints goals to stop drinking and reward you with some treat or travel or gift. But reward yourself if you are making progress.
Also you can indulge in exercise and spend your time in some work or people to distract your mind from urge. This will not only help you to stay fit but to find your new hobbies and explore yourself.